My dear Students You are welcome to the B.A, LL.B (Hons.) : Five Year Integrated Course. You are now part of the fraternity of the Law Faculty of the University of Allahabad which has the distinction of having produced from among its alumni personages who have adorned highest positions any one can dream of. With changing needs of time, the role of law has immensely changed and the expectations of the people have increased. Every human activity from blinking of an eye to the great performances needs to be regulated by Law. Governance of the State, emergence and operation big National and Multinational Corporations, globalisation, International Trade and Commerce, scientific and technological inventions, greater awareness of the human rights, environmental threats and IPR regime are all posing greater challenges for law and lawyers. Law has but to accept all these challenges and lawyers will have to equip themselves to respond to these needs. Law Schools are just the cradles for the preparation for these challenges. But the traditional law teaching, the law Schools were finding it difficult to cope up with the growing needs of the society and to fulfill their social obligations. A new stream of legal education began and the Law Faculty of our University has very recently joined this race. We are sure that with the help of dedicated teachers, supporting staff and the bright and energetic students we shall make great strides. Let the journey for fulfilling our dream start and let nothing stop us from achieving our goals. I wish that your stay in the Law Faculty of this great University is satisfying and eventful.

Prof. R. K. Chaubey

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